Cosy Evening Routine Rituals To End Your Day


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Cosy evening routine rituals performed on a regular basis help form habits and shape the life you want to be living.

Instead of the hectic work, sleep, work cycle, how about creating an evening routine that transforms the way you end your day?

If cosy rituals could help you relax, stop you thinking and prepare you for a deep night’s sleep. Would you look forward to do them again?

If that sounds like you, try the cosy evening routine rituals to end your day below.

Pick your bedtime

It’s important to have regular consistent sleeping patterns (7-8 hours), so you feel energised in the morning. An hour before going to bed set some time aside for your evening routine.

Visualise tomorrow

Visualise tomorrow and how you would like your day to unfold. Pick a few tasks you would love to tackle the next day, so when you look back you have that feeling of accomplishment.

Do it in a relaxed way. Keep it short. One or two tasks are enough. Prioritise what’s truly important, productive doesn’t necessarily mean progress. Prioritise those tasks which help you to achieve the life you want to be living.

Love your home

Cosy evenings can only happen in a cosy place. A short ritual to nurture your home as a form of gratitude, could be taking a few minutes to fix your sofa cushions, put dishes away, put things back where they belong.

Now you’ve created a space where you can relax and enjoy your evening 🙂

Power off, candle & fairy lights, please

It’s time to put your phone away and leave messaging, emails and social media for tomorrow. Dim your lights, light a candle or fairy lights for a cosy atmosphere.

Sweet scented dreams

Light a ceramic essential oil burner or switch on the aroma diffuser. Lavender, Yang Lang & Bergamot essential oils are the best picks to help you to relax. My favourite is Bergamot. It calms and lifts your spirit up in the evenings, lovely in winter at any time of the day.

A spray or two on your pillow, is a trick to help you to drift into a deep sleep. My favourite spray is the organic skin and space mist Calm & Clear by Australian Bush Flower Essences recommenced by my favourite pharmacy in London. If you are saving money at the moment you can make one easily yourself. Fill a mini spray container with cool water and add 3-5 drops of a relaxing essential oil of your choice. Shake it well before use.

If you love scented candles, my absolute favourite is Lavender from Durance, giving you the feeling of provincial France, peaceful & calming. Lavender can be a very powerful scent. This is very well balanced and beautifully delicate, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Relax with a cup of tea

After creating a cosy mood, relax, make yourself a nice warming cup of tea, sit down, breathe and forget your busy day.

Make sure you have a few teas in your cupboard that help to promote a good night sleep. My personal choice is a mix of thyme, camomile & mint, which you can make yourself. If you have trouble falling asleep, try DR STUART’S Valerian Plus, a naturally caffeine free tea, which works for me. For cold winter evenings try fresh Ginger-Lemon-Honey Tea to warm you up, it is soothing and a great immune system boost.

Reflect and be grateful

Think about your day and ask yourselfWhat made me feel good today?’ Be grateful not only for the big things in your life but also the small ones. ‘What made feel less good today?’ write it down in your journal. It will help you to live more consciously and be present and aware of the choices you are making.

Tune into yourself by scheduling a 5 min meeting with yourself. Ask yourself out loud.

  • How are you doing today?
  • How are you really doing today?
  • What can you do for yourself to make your day better?

Reflection brings awareness. It is like writing your own life recipe, so you know what you should keep adding or removing. It helps to declutter your thoughts and feelings, so your mind can be at ease and peace before your go to bed.

Quiet your mind

Modern life keeps our minds busy. Take a few minutes to meditate, whether practising stillness and breathing or a listening to a guided meditation.

Keep your bedding cool & fresh

Put your blanket, pillow outside (while you are enjoying your evening routine) so when you put it back on just before to go to bed it will feel fresh and cool! It will comfort you during warm summer nights helping you sleep easier.

Enjoy a bath

Having a bath has been a popular evening selfcare ritual for centuries. By adding candles, essential oils, relaxing music it is a perfect way to switch off. Here is my favourite DIY Sea Salt Bath for a firm & even looking skin recipe, I’ve got from a professional beauty expert years ago, which works wonders. If you don’t fancy being a mermaid in a bathtub tonight, have a foot bath instead while you are having your tea and journal.

Read to dream

Reading before sleeping is loved by many. Something relaxing, like a novel to fire your imagination.

Enjoy, hug & cuddle

Take time to enjoy the moment while cuddling your loved ones, your pet or even your favourite pillow.   

Consistency is what takes something you do one day and turns it into a lifestyle.

Lalah Delia

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Cosy Evening Routine to end your day


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