5 Popular Lifestyle Trends For A More Balanced Life


Discovering and following new lifestyle trends is very popular these days.

Why is that?

First of all we know change happens because we are no longer happy where we are.

Secondly many of us are looking for an alternative which aligns with our core values, makes us feel fulfilled and challenged to achieve a better and more balanced life.

Here are 5 of the most popular current lifestyle trends to achieve this.


Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist living is a way of living by possessing less. Removing everything what distracts you from having a nice life to create more room for what truly matters. ‘Less is the new more’, ‘The best things aren’t things’, ‘Live more with less’ are slogans of minimalism representing a simple but powerful philosophy.

Minimalism attracts especially those who want to be more organised in their lives, live with less clutter, be more conscious consumers and free their mind.

Embracing this type of lifestyle according to minimalists has life-changing benefits. Creating more space and room at home clears the mind, teaches you to let go, gives you a sense of freedom, saves money, brings more joy and fulfilment.

The first step towards becoming a minimalist is getting rid of the things which no longer serve you! It’s a fabulous way to upgrade your life. 

Slow Intentional Living

Slow Intentional Living

I’ve met lots of people over the last few years who went for a drastic career and lifestyle change. A corporate lawyer who became a life coach, a company manager became a fitness instructor.

When I asked what made them choose that change, they all had same reasons ‘I’d had enough’, ‘felt tired and constantly stressed’ and ‘I could no longer take it’. Seeking to slow down, feel balanced, healthy, happy rather than rushing, made them choose a lifestyle that suited them.

Slow intentional lifestyle is about leaving the busy life and all the noise behind. Moving to something slower paced, where you can be emotionally connected with yourself, your surroundings and what you do. Living the now, enjoying the present moment, being mindful, spending more time outdoors or even moving to the seaside or countryside.  

Facets of living slower and with an intention can be also found in Minimalism.


Hygge lifestyle

Cozy living at home, embracing self-care and enjoying little things in life comes with the Danish way of living called hygge. It’s all about a calm and comforting feeling you create indoors in the colder seasons.

Warm blankets, a fireplace or fairy lights, candles, a favourite tea cup, a good book, slippers are essential for achieving the hygge atmosphere at home.

Eco Friendly Living

Eco Green Living

An eco friendly lifestyle is an environmentally conscious way of living to look after our mother earth, our land, air, sea and ourselves.

How to live a more eco-friendly every day? Live greener, shop eco-friendly products, minimise your carbon footprint.

Start with small steps. A water filter saves buying bottled water and go plastic free. A small recycling bag in your handbag saves money and prevents buying a new plastic bag every time you do your shopping.

Eco friendly living makes you become more creative by including some DIY activities.

Non-toxic cleaning products can be very pricey, so there are plenty of cost friendly DIY recipes online to make cleaning products yourself using for instance lemon, carbonated soda etc. Same with the beauty products or growing your own organic food.

Living In A Van

Living In A Van trend

Just recently amongst lifestyle categories on google Living In Van has reached over 5 million searches. It’s not surprising knowing the current housing crisis, high rents are becoming unrealistic and owning your own property is difficult. 

This is why young people are looking at alternatives at lower costs, giving them freedom and the opportunity to travel and explore the world at the same time.

The experts share online all the information needed. How to build a living van for under 3k, where to start including monthly costs, essentials to buy, tips and more.

Feeling free, peaceful inside, exploring and leaving the consumer world behind.


Last Words

A lifestyle is like a form of self-stylisation. It gives you a new identity, inspires and drives you by its philosophy to design your everyday life and make you feel good about YOU.

Can’t choose from 5 lifestyle trends that are popular? Combine a few!

Always remember life is an art, how you master and balance it is entirely up to you.

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5 Lifestyle Trends for a balanced life

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