How To Best Cleanse And Detox Your Whole Body Naturally?


Cleansing and detoxing your body is important to improve your health and promote weight loss. Learn in this article how to simply best cleanse and detox your whole body naturally at home. 

Natural Whole Body Cleanse and Detox


Which Ingredients To Use?

Use two ingredients: flax seed and kefir (natural flavour). Flax seeds are ground linen seeds, which are the main ingredient for your body cleanse and detox, a powerful source improving digestive health, cleansing gut, eliminating toxins and relieving constipation. For the best cleanse and detox results, use kefir, a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yoghurt. If you can’t get kefir, you can use natural yoghurt or buttermilk instead. 


How To Do It?

Use this simple and effective way for homemade cleanse and detox:

 First Week: Mix 1 tablespoon flax seed and 100g kefir

 Second Week: Mix 2 tablespoon flax seed and 100g kefir

 Third Week: Mix 2 tablespoon flax seed and 150g kefir

Take the mixture daily before breakfast every week as indicated above. 


Full Body Cleanse and Detox FAQ’s

1. How Do You Know You Need One?

If you have digestive issues, skin problems (irritation, eczema, acne, pimples), frequent colds and viruses or you have a tendency to gain weight easily. 

2. When And How Often You Should Do It?

It is recommended to do it once or twice a year. Not more than every 6 months. The best time is spring and before winter. 

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