A Week in Schliersee Hiking In The Bavarian Alps (Germany)


To escape London at the end of May beginning of June we took a week’s holiday. The idea was to go to a place where we could switch off, relax, enjoy the natural surroundings, but also to have a chilled active hiking break. The destination we chose was the Schliersee lake in the Bavarian Alps which sounded amazing.


First you have to get to Munich.

As I live in London so we took a flight from London Gatwick to Munich Airport by EasyJet it takes a short flight of 1 ½ hours (flights from other London airports are possible too).

From Munich Airport to Munich Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) by the S-BAHN (overground) S1 or S8 takes about 45 minutes. A one way ticket costs about €14/person and can be purchased at the airport travel information point. (I got return tickets from the airport too).                                                 

From Munich Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) to Fischhausen-Neuhaus (Schliersee Lake) by the BOB train (going to Bayrischzell)  takes one hour, a return ticket costs €35/person. (The train will split on the way, so it is important to make sure to get on the carriage which goes to Bayrischzell to arrive at the right destination).


The Schliersee Lake has two small towns. Situated on the North side of the lake is the main town of  Schliersee (train station: Schliersee). On the South side of the lake is Nauhaus (train station: Fischhausen-Neuhaus). Neuhaus is a quieter small farming community.

Booking accommodation I took in to consideration the distance from the train station to where I’d like to be located, read some reviews and also looked at prices.

I arranged to stay in Neuhaus at the Hotel Garni Maria Theresia and must admit I was extremely pleased with my choice. The Guesthouse was about 10minute walk from the train station :), on a quiet residential street, surrounded by trees and mountains, very traditional Bavarian looking, spacious and beautifully arranged.

The owners of the Guesthouse were family Schütz very welcoming and warm people. The breakfast was great, very fresh with plenty of German bread rolls. 🙂 The views from the breakfast terrace on a warm day were stunning.

The price was very reasonable – a double room with a balcony view for 6 nights with breakfast for two people cost €506 (including city tax).


I love traditional South German food. The cuisine contains soups, lots of pork, salads and plenty of nice deserts. The portions are generous, no need to order too much. I always love to come here to try local Bavarian dishes (for the photos scroll down ;)).

Wurstbrettl at the Wirthaus Café Stickl

Places To Eat In Neuhaus

  • Wirthaus Café Stickl – Bavarian style food in a family run bar/restaurant with a small beer garden. Service and food is very nice.
  • Marlene’s Restaurant – Great grilled steaks from Lava Stone. (Steaks are from 20-30 Euros)

Closer to the lake

  • Schnapperwirt – Bavarian style restaurant, amazing food, nice service.
  • Ristorante Pizzeria da Angelo – a cozy Italian restaurant with excellent food (if you fancy a change from a local cuisine).
Café Konditorei Messner has the best cakes!

Places To Eat In Schliersee

  • Café Milchhausl am See – A traditional wooden house with beautiful front terrace with lake views. Small menu. A must visit 🙂
  • Schlierseer Glöckerl – cozy local Bavarian pub. Best to book in advance.
  • Café Konditorei Messner – the best cakes in the whole Schliersee area for sure! Have a look at the cakes before you order. A definite must try 🙂
  • Schliersbergalm – You have to get a cable car (or walk 50min) as it is on the hill! Great traditional food, very big terrace outside and the best panorama of the Schliersee Lake and mountains.


Dunkles Weissbier

Weissbier – Light or dark (translated in German: hell or dunkel). A beer from wheat. The light one looks very pale and cloudy. It has a refreshing and smooth yeast taste.

Schweinebraten at the Schliersbergalm

Schweinebraten – a traditional Bavarian dish. Roast Pork served with dark beer sauce, potato dumplings (I had also one bread dumpling), dark red cabbage or sauerkraut. Delicious, quite rich, goes well with weissbier.

Spätzle – It is a type of pasta made from fresh eggs. Served with a creamy cheese sauce and roasted onions. Homemade ones are the best. German kids love it!

Wurstsalat at the Café Milchhausl am See

Wurstsalat – (Translated: Sausage salad) – thin slices or strips from boiled sausage like Lyoner.  The salad is prepared with white vinegar, oil and onions. A variation of the recipe adds strips of pickled gherkins or grated Emmentaler cheese. It is a traditional snack in southern Germany.

Apfelstrudel at the Café Milchhausl am See

Apfelstrudel – a traditional pastry dessert filled with apples. Served with vanilla ice creme or hot vanilla sauce.

Schnitzel – a thin slice of veal or other light meat coated in breadcrumbs and fried, served normally with Kartoffelsalat (Potato salad) and cranberry jam.

Kaiserschmarrn at the Wirthaus Café Stickl

Kaiserschmarrn – (Translated: Emperor’s Mess) is a shredded pancake with raisins served with apple mouse that it takes its name from the Austrian emperor (Kaiser Franz Joseph I) who adored this kind of dessert. I love it too! 🙂

Eisskaffee at the Aron in Tegernsee

Eisskaffee – A glass with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped up with cold coffee and some whipped  cream. Very refreshing, especially during the hot summer period. A real treat! Ask to skip the whipped cream if you don’t like it. Soooo nice, a must try for sure! 🙂


Schliersee Lake and Schliersee Town walking up the Schliersberg

Discover  Schliersee Lake and Schliersee Town

A walk around the lake from Neuhaus to Schliersee takes about 50 minutes. Instead of walking you could also take a boat (about 4-5 Euros one way). Schliersee is stunningly visual. It is nice to walk around the lake and enjoy the vistas.

We arrived at misty Neuhaus by midday, the clouds were low around the mountains, it was raining but stunningly fresh and green.

Hiking: Neuhaus – Burgruine – Schliersee Town – Schliersbergalm 

Views from Burgruine

First day hiking.

We started in Neuhaus, from a street called Maxlrainerweg (close to the restaurant Schnapperwirt). The yellow signs lead to Burgruine (translated: a castle ruine). At first you walk through steep forest paths and then reach the old castle ruins with amazing views. From there you carry on towards Schliersee town through forests and meadows. The hike from Neuhaus to Schliersee town takes about 1.5 hours, a nice steady introduction to hiking.

It was our first hike in Schliersee, sunny and with no rain. 🙂 Some paths in the forest after a week of rain were muddy, but as we had waterproof boots suitable for easy hikes it wasn’t a problem!

Take a Break: When reaching Schliersee you can stop for a break. At least we did, to have some lunch by the lake on the outdoor terrace of Café Milchhausl am See. 🙂

From Schliersee town we carried on with the next hike up to Schliersberg. It starts from Karl-Haider-Strasse Street (opposite supermarket EDEKA) and takes about 45 minutes walking. There is also the possibility to take a cable car to the top (€4-5, you pay when you reach the station). We decided to walk up the hill for some exercise with stunning views in the evening sun.

On the top of the hill there is a restaurant Schliersbergalm with a big terrace and the best panorama scenery of the lake and the mountains.

There are 3 options to return to Schliersee town: 1. Walk down the hill (45min). 2. Take a cable car (5min). 3. Take the summer toboggan run if you fancy some adrenaline! (same price as the cable car 4-5 euros, takes 7minutes or less depending how much fun you are having! LOL). I was a bit unsure and to be honest anxious about the summer toboggan run, but super happy after I tried it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hiking: Neuhaus – Bodenschneidhaus – Bodenschneid – Obere Firstalm – Neuhaus

Bodenschneid near the Obere Firstalm

Start with a walk in Neuhaus from a street called Dürnbachstrasse. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to reach the mountain lodge Bodenschneidhaus walking up hill on the forest road, then through the mountains until you reach your destination.

From Bodenschneidhaus follow the yellow signs direction Bodenschneid following by the Obere Firstalm it takes about 45min-1hour.

Take a Break: at the Obere Firstalm, a hut, surrounded by mountains. The menu is traditional! The food and the views are amazing!

From the Obere Firstalm you can head back to Neuhaus (2.5-3hours) or if you still have energy you can continue up the Brecherspitz Mountain (1683m) before walking back.

Hiking: Schliersee Town – Tegernsee Lake

On the way to Tegernsee Lake

Start from Café Milchhausl am Seein Schliersee and follow the yellow signs to Tegernsee. The hike takes a bit more than 3 hours. First you will pass a pond, then walk along the forest road past lots of small waterfalls. Tegernsee Lake is big but much more commercial compared to Schliersee.

We didn’t fancy the long walk back to Neuhaus, so we took the train instead (about €14/person, with one change in Holzkirchen).

Final Words

Schliersee lake in The Bavarian Alps is a wonderful destination for hiking or for a few days to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, scenic panoramas, traditional food and fresh air. Loved It! 🙂

I love view points. More benches please!


All images in this post are my own. This post isn’t sponsored. 



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