The Importance Of Core Values To Live Your Life To The Best


We all have core values, but how many of us truly know the importance of core values in our lives and why we need them?

It is very common that the companies these days speak about their values to show what they represent and stand for.

How about you? Have you ever thought what you stand for and what kind of self do you represent in life?

Below I will explain how important personal core values to live your best life are, why we need them and how you can define them if you haven’t yet.

Why core values are important and we need them?

The first time I came across this topic quite a few years ago was at one of the personal development courses I was attending. We worked on MAKING DECISIONS in life and to my surprise the answer was simple. Make choices based on your core values so you can have success in the life that you want. I didn’t expect that, but once you start applying it into your life, it helps to make important decisions on which path or direction to take. To accept the new post at work or not, what friendships to have etc

The second reason of knowing your core values will help you to FEEL ALIGNED with your environment. Finding yourself feeling annoyed about certain situations or people in life which drain your energy? That happens because those situations or people do not reflect who you really are and your core values. If what you do doesn’t reflect your values you will feel unhappy. Therefore don’t ignore your them, use them as your guide and eventually all the negativity you‘ve experienced is going to fade, and will lead you to an emotionally balanced & fulfilled life.

We will experience happiness in our lives when what we think, what we say and what we do are aligned.


We are seeking to become THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES. Think how you want to look, be and how you want to be seen. Core values are like your personal philosophy. When you start living your life according to it, it’s like being the unique you. Your behaviour & attitude will change and you will become the best version of yourself naturally.

Your values define your attitude and your attitude defines your life.

Jay Shetty

How to define your core values?

Think and make a list of values that are the most important to you. It is not about what your core values should be. It is about being honest with yourself.

Ask yourself which values are most essential to you, write them down and then narrow your list to 5.

If you are finding it difficult to define which values are the most important to you, I would suggest you remember what makes you angry, frustrated or upsets you. You feel those emotions because your core values clash with something that you disagree with on a deeper level. These situations will lead you to your true self, if you flip them around.

Knowing who you are not, defines who you are.


You will find many suggestions online. I wouldn’t recommend picking your core values from these long lists. Therefore observe your own experiences and this will save you time and overthinking.

Last words

Your core values will help you to shape your life to the one you want to be living. So if you want to be the unique YOU and truly live YOUR LIFE make sure you don’t ignore the importance of core values and define them.

In the end they are the foundation to achieving greater things in life, your key to fulfilment, clarity and freedom.


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How To Define Your Core Values

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