How To Create A Peaceful And Relaxing Home


Despite the outside world being so fast and busy sometimes you can bring the opposite feeling of peace, harmony and calm to your home. ‘Home is not a place it is a feeling’ – I remember reading that line somewhere and I couldn’t agree more. So let’s not think about just the practical side, more storage space etc, but achieving a feeling. Here are some ideas below of how to create a peaceful and relaxing home.

Choose calming colours and hues


Natural Colours To Create  A Relaxing Home

Consider calming colours for your walls and fabrics. For some people it could be white or light pastel tones, where for others shades of green or blue. Bear in mind that calming doesn’t need to be pale. It is very personal how colours affect you, therefore choose right.

Hide your tech and cables

To bring a more tranquil and peaceful atmosphere to your home, hide your tech, wires and cables. The less you can see, the more relaxing atmosphere you will achieve. Go for wireless and have one draw or a box in a cupboard to keep all those cables and chargers.

Choose natural materials

How to create a peaceful and relaxing home

The more natural materials you will use the more calm and peace you will create. Natural wood (especially unvarnished), fibres whether it’s a rug or blanket, fur, stone, woven baskets and boxes will add a tranquil feel. Using glass, metal and plastic furniture very minimally can give you some contrast, too much makes your home look cold.

Remove any physical noise

Take a good look in every room of yours. Are there areas which are cluttered or have too much detail? Sometimes less is more. Just by hiding paperwork in cupboards, tidying up and moving some items around you can create a more balanced look. If that doesn’t help maybe it’s time to say goodbye to a few things which haven’t got a real purpose in your home?

Life is about little things

How to create a peaceful and relaxing home

Let’s not forget little things.  A nicely arranged tea selection, a cup and a teapot, a piece of art or colourful stones as decoration, or anything else what makes you feel good when you look at it. I’ve got a black and white postcard which reminds me of my childhood enjoying the peaceful magic of first falling snow 🙂

Light up cosy lights

Light is the most important factor to make your home feel cosy. Warm light bulbs will guarantee that. Use fairy lights, candles or an oil diffuser and take time to relax.

Keep nature around you

how to create a peaceful home

Nature has super powers to boost our wellbeing. It reduces anxiety, stress, fear and anger. You can create your own little nature oasis at home. If you haven’t got a garden you can always buy plants for your room or balcony. Wallpaper, a photo print or a painting with your favourite landscape scene will bring peace to your mind.

Embrace different seasons with floral arrangements and fill your vases accordingly.

Sounds of water or a fireplace

To create a peaceful oasis at home the sound of a fireplace or water definitely helps. Today if you don’t have a real fireplace at home or a water stream running by your house, you can look for an alternative. How about an indoor water feature or an artificial fireplace? I would love to have a tabletop water fountain, in the meantime my oil diffuser gives a relaxing background sound.

Create your secrete hide away or a chill out corner

How to create a peaceful and relaxing home

To create a peaceful and relaxing home you can start by focusing on one small area. Just one corner of your room, your secret hide away, where you can meditate or journal while enjoying a warm drink or glass of wine. It is all about a place of peace where you can recharge yourself. Always keep that area ready, neat and tidy. Doesn’t matter what is happening in the rest of your house, you know where you can escape to even for 5 precious minutes.

Create a space at home where you can escape the world.


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How to create a peaceful and relaxing home

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